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Smells Great!!!

This 100% Pure African Shea butter does wonders! Rubs on smooth and creamy and feels great. Moisturizes ur skin while it leaves you smelling rich! I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends and family.



Best African Shea Butter Cream

The best African shea butter cream ever. I love how this shea butter does a lot for women, whether it is for the skin or the hair; it works wonders! This pure shea butter leaves my skin feeling so soft and my hair looks wonderful and hydrated and longer. I have been using it for a few days now and noticed such a difference. This is my new go-to, and I love how I can use it for more than one thing which is for my skin, and my hair. That is the best



Great for multi things

I love Shea butter and I was so happy with the quality of this. It’s very easy to turn this chunky butter into whipped Shea butter. I can use it on hair or our bodies as it’s a great multi product natural item.



Very Moisturizing

I love the chunky version of Kuza Pure African Shea Butter because it just melts right into your skin and its not messy at all. The package came nice and neat and very well filled with shea butter. I use on my skin, some on my hair as an overnight hair mask and I started using on my stretch marks. I love this shea butter because you can use it many ways and has a long lasting moisturizing feel.



Amazing product!

I've been loving using this! It makes my hair and skin so soft! And it's so nice to use one hundred percent natural shea butter, and not worry about any icky chemicals. I'm so happy to support this smaller business too. Ten out of ten!



Feels Great!

The Kuza Pure African Shea Butter Creamy feels so amazing on my skin. Winter is harsh on my skin but I love using this after my shower. My skin feels amazingly soft and moisturized for the entire day! It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. I also have melted this down to use as a cuticle oil which I love!



Good For Dry Skin

"Kuza 100% Pure African Shea Butter-Chunky is great for dry skin and hair. I have extremely dry skin, especially my hands. I wash my hands a lot and I use antibacterial/bleach dish detergent most of the time, which really dries my hands out. Vaseline has always been my go-to because lotions and creams just set on top of my skin. Vaseline made my hands somewhat greasy, but my hands are so dry that's all that would help. Well...I tried the Kuza 100% Pure African Shea Butter and wow...after rubbing a small amount in my hands to get it to melt, it went on smoothly and melted right into my hands, and left no greasy after-feeling which I loved. Next, I used it on my legs and arms after my shower...(where I live the water is what's called (""Hard"") meaning very rough and very drying to the skin and hair. The Shea butter worked well on my legs and arms and it didn't take as much as it did with the vaseline to moisturize my skin. I really loved the fact that there was no greasy feeling and my skin was very supple and soft. And lastly... I used the Kuza Shea Butter on my hair. I gave my hair which also is extremely dry, soft and thin about a 1/4 teaspoon of the melted Shea Butter, and rubbed it all over my hair. afterward, my hair felt thicker and coated, which was a good thing for me, because when I combed my hair, there was no shedding! Kuza is a winner. It's good to find a product that is 100% pure, and it's great for hair and your skin, which also means it's healthy for you and will save you money because you have two products in one, and besides that...it only takes a little to get the job done!"




I got the Kuza Pure African Shea Butter white creamy, 8 oz about a week ago and al tho it works great for your skin and hair.the smell takes a little getting used to. I would Recommend this for anyone who needs To deep condition their hair or skin.



Shea Butter Skin Softener

This shea butter is excellent for softening my rough heels. It instantly absorbs in the dry skin areas and now my feet are buttery soft and supple. The consistency is soft enough to easily rub into rough skin spots. There are so many uses for this wonderful product. It also works wonder on dried out hair ends.



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