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Kuza® exists to fuel the Culture/Style
Creator in you!
Your hair and skin are your story.
Kuza® wants to help make them
beautiful, textured and bold.
Every day.
Hard working premium, quality and African ingredients.
Handcrafted proprietary formulas to promote healthier, growing textured hair and glowing skin. Cleaner product offerings with no sulfates, no mineral oil and no animal testing. Also, offerings with no parabens and phthalates.
Helps make your textured styling and creating easier and a joy to publicly celebrate!
Moisturizes and hydrates your scalp, skin, hair and body to meet your #1 need. Gives you the confidence to be your best, feel your best and showcase your best.
Fashion Forward Attitude, 24/7.
Ongoing support for your changing desires and versatile hairstyles with daily or weekly moods. Putting coily, curly and wavy hair first to be celebrated and seen.
Meet Kuza®
Textured hair is a daily sport. It is one that is challenging, beautiful and entered with love. Having a team with key players who add value on each play makes all the difference for winning outcomes.
Beautiful. Textured. Bold. Every Day. It’s A Kuza® Vibe

Kuza® is excited to introduce to some and reintroduce to others proven quality, hard working products, many available since 1979. Kuza® means, in Swahili, “flourishing (of a tree), to make grow, lush.” Kuza® Konscious Beauty™ is focused on creating hard-working products that promote healthier hair and glowing skin. This is especially important for the textured-hair-wearer and dryer-skin-owner, who seek to create their own unique styles, 24/7. Kuza® 100% Pure African Shea Butter and Kuza® Jamaican Black Castor Oil have no sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Kuza® hair dress and Apricot Scrub have no sulfates. No animal testing.

Versatile Style Creator. Hard Working Product Seeker. Kuza® is “konscious” that texture matters. Having hard-working products that promote healthier, growing textured hair and glowing skin matters.



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Testimonial Influencer
Kuza® Style Influencer:
Tonya S. Lane, Cosmetic Scientist

“Kuza® 100% Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment is wonderful for coily, curly and wavy textures. It really is hard working for even tight textured, thick hair, like mine. It seals in moisture for the many textured/highly textured hairstyles we love to wear, and it does it affordably.

The truth about hair dress/grease is that it is the best way to seal in moisture. This is for all our styles and protective looks/braids, twists, waves and twist-outs. Kuza®’s multi-use and many products for hair and skin will amaze you with their ability to help you promote healthier hair with growth and glowing skin, create versatile hair styles and celebrate the hair and skin outcomes.”


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